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next in line

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


It's hard to force things to happen your own way. My body feels so tired but my mind keeps floating along thoughts that has long left my brain, my heart pumps oxygen through my blood but my soul is as broken as ever. I know I'll wake up tomorrow for another day, but still the same routine. What is left to be with a solitary being like me? There are things in this world that's hard to get, there are things that don't make sense but we continue to trod upon it. These words may not mean anything to you, you may realize it or never will, but these words are like puzzle pieces of a tired heart that needs rest.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

next in line

There you go again just passing me by,
My heart starts to flutter,
My mind starts to fly,
I look at you just walking away,
Deeply wishing you'll be mine someday.

Your smile I knew was never meant for me,
That sweet look in your eyes,
is for someone else you want to see,
You belong to somebody else I so want to be.

If only you could just turn around,
To see me standing behind you,
Won't you just please look around,
And realiza a love so true.

Though I know in painful reality,
That in my dreams is the only place you'll ever stay,
So I would just wait here next in line,
Even if it takes a million lifetime...