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Friday, January 29, 2010


Affiliate Marketing Business Model Online Website Selling

The affiliate marketing is the type of marketing practice through the Internet, in which a particular brand or business have their subsidiary or affiliates, responsible for carrying-out promotions for the business. It is a form of online marketing that directs one website traffic to another.

The affiliate marketing business model of online website selling, depending on on the particular need of the public, have many types. This particular type of marketing industry have four players: the retailer or the merchant, the network, the publisher(aka affiliate), and the customer. The retailer is the main brand or company, the network which is the middleman that allows website publishers(aka affiliates) to find affiliate programs suitable for their website, and then the customer. A fair example for this marketing model is the online website selling through Amazon.com or eBay.com, where retailers can post their products for bid through said websites online, in order to have a wider number of customers to potentially purchase the merchandise.

Affiliates also considers different models of web sites to cater the clients or customers. Some examples are; websites that uses blogging to promote or review products, websites that let visitors subscribe through a mailing list, websites that has contents or gives direct information and includes the affiliate links to directly promote the product.
The Internet indeed is not just a complex web of sites where people can navigate with the click of a mouse, but it has now been a wide playing field for different kinds of business strategies ,either to gather clients, advertise, or online website selling through affiliate marketing business.

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