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Friday, January 29, 2010



The compelling World Wide Web, more commonly known as the Internet, has indeed gathered and connected people in this modernized age of fast-paced technology. And from this discovery, one of the older ways of advertising, which is copywriting, has found a wider field, and so comes the online marketing web page copywriting.

The online marketing web page copywriting, is a form of advertising or promotion using the web in order to reach a wider genre, either to publicize, to sell, or to campaign, it is not only for the sole purpose of good page ranking or for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). According to wikipedia.org, copywriting is a form of promoting ideas or opinions, business or people. Although the word copy was applied to any content of printed books, articles, or magazines, copywriting can appear in many forms such as; TV ads, taglines, direct mail, and most especially—through a web page.

Online marketing web page copywriting required varying ways or steps in order for it to be more effective. A certain article from blogcatalog.com gave few tips to follow for online copywriting, and was called the 3 C's. These 3 C's are: be clear, be concise, be compelling. In a short explanation; we need to send out our messages in a precise, direct-to-the point and yet, convincing ways.

We still have many other ways in promoting subjects, though. Like through radio or TV broadcasting, word-of-mouth, or printed ads. However, online marketing web page copywriting is a more affordable, faster, and convenient way of sending the signal to target a business goal.

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